Car Window Tinting

Anyone have any recommendations on which shop to get your car windows tinted at? I’ve been to two shops already, and they can’t seem to get the back window right without clearly visible lines. This was pretty a pretty trivial task back home, so I guess I’m not going to the right places.

Cost is not as much of an object as is getting the job done right.

Any suggestions?


Maybe they don’t have much experience. From what I know, it used to be illegal to have tinted car windows in Taiwan. Just as a way to keep an eye on the drug lords and rapists in Taiwan. Maybe it has changed since then.

You can tinted your car any way you like here in Taiwan. There is no law that stated you can not tinted your windor or to what degree. Therefore that is why majority of the cars in Taiwan are tinted. It is very hard for you to look inside the driver seat. But in the US, it is a different story.

There is a great car shop in

Even there would be a law - would people care? :wink:

Even there would be a law - would people care? :wink:[/quote]

true, true, so true…
Rascal, you are a wise man and you have adapted the cultures here quite well, a shot for you!!

_/ !!

Believe it or not, it’s actually technically illegal to have any aftermarket, or otherwise non OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) part on your car in Taiwan. Obviously, you can see that the rule is widely ignored by both citizens and police. The only time it’s really enforced are when they have those major operations where they set up roadblocks on the #2 Northern Freeway to catch the street racing groups that often go there. Then, each car is stopped and written up for any and all non OEM parts. There was a blurb on this in the Taipei Times a few months back.

Under this law, it’s even illegal to install tires other than the brand/model/size that the manufacturer installed at the factory. :unamused:

Miaka, I’d appreciate the name of the tint shop! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Beware, the windows on my car are tinted, I can’t get the shite off and it’s actually a nuisance when driving at night. Although they did a good job on putting the film on, I would like to remove it in places, where it obstructs the view.

Really? Removing it has always been easy for me. I’ve had to remove it 3 times already because of the unsatisfactory job. It peels right off. The only thing you really have to be careful about is on the rear window, that you don’t mess up the defroster lines when removing. If the tint leaves any residue, it usually can be cleaned off with Windex or a citrus solution.

As for partial removal, I’m sure the original shop would be willing to do that for you.

Since they did a good job, can you tell me the name of the place and where it is?

Don’t have the one I’ve mention on the previous post but got another recommendation from a coworker. This place is on

Sorry, no. It’s my NT$25k wreck, and the film was put on a decade or so before I bought it. It’s likely to be somewhere in Taoyuan and yes, they messed up the defroster lines.

Hi everyone,

Thanks to all who provided input on this! I found a place that was able to tint my back window without making any cuts. They did it in one piece, which is exactly what all the other places said was impossible. The guy at this place said that only the places whose skill isn’t that good say it’s impossible. :smiley: I actually don’t mind if they make cuts to make their job easier, but I don’t want to see them. These guys went above and beyond my expectations.

I just picked the car up, and it takes 30 days to fully cure/dry, but I must say, I’m impressed with how it looks now. Unless it goes south in the next 30 days (not likely), I wholeheartedly recommend this place. Just when you think everyone in Taiwan has the “good enough” attitude, you find a rare gem.

The funny thing is that it’s like 1 minute walking distance from my office. I could have saved a lot of trouble by going to this place from the start. :?

Anyway, the place is called 國保汽車裝潢百貨.
1F, #27, Lane 245, BaDe Road Section 4, Taipei

Hey Ben

maybe you can post a picture of your car so we can see how good it looks??

[quote=“MiakaW”]Hey Ben

maybe you can post a picture of your car so we can see how good it looks??[/quote]

Sure thing, as soon as it stops raining, and I can get a clear picture of the window!

Can the forum host images? Or do we need to put them online somewhere first, and link to them?

Why do you want to tint the windows ? What will you do in there that you don’t want people to see ? :laughing:

Forumosa can’t host pictures, you have to put them on a website elsewhere and link to them,

[quote=“Big Fluffy Matthew”]Why do you want to tint the windows ? What will you do in there that you don’t want people to see ? :laughing:

Forumosa can’t host pictures, you have to put them on a website elsewhere and link to them,[/quote]

Thanks for the info on posting pics. :slight_smile:

I wanted my windows tinted for 2 reasons.

The first one, which is why most people in Taiwan tint their windows is because of the summer heat. Tinting goes a long way towards reducing the heat in the cabin, and protects your interior from direct sunlight, which over time will damage/fade the plastic/vinyl/leather/cloth.

The second reason, you’ll probably disagree w/, but it was so that my radar detector would be less visible from the outside. But, now that radar detectors have been legalized, that’s a non-issue.

I would do it too so I can give them bitchy faces if they pissed me off or even a middle finger and they wouldn’t know…

on top of picking my nose, doing my make…etc so ppl wouldn’t be able to see it ! :wink:

Are you sure that radar detectors have been legalized? I thought that if the police see a radar detector in your car, they can still confiscate it, but they can no longer give you a fine.

According to an article in the August 7th issue of the Taipei Times newspaper:

This article is almost four months old, and it was only talking about a proposed legislation which hadn’t yet become law, so it might have been changed by now. But when I searched the Taipei Times, this was the only article about radar detectors that I could find which was published in the last six months.

From the October 13th Taipei Times:

From the October 16th China Post:

The new regulations were scheduled to be approved on October 15th, and I didn’t hear anything about it not passing, so I assumed it did. I definitely could be wrong though.

Get the silver mirror film, really helps with the heat and it’s not too dark (from the inside)
The 3M film is the best, but of course there is fake 3M stuff everywhere. How can you tell? The fake one has a 3M watermark all over it, natch.