Carbon Fiber Local Suppliers in TW?

Hello everyone,

I want to get some pre-preg carbon in roughly 10oz 2x2 twill or similar locally for a small project. Cloth and epoxy is OK too if the pre-preg is not available. Back in the USA, I used to get this from several online aeronautics suppliers or in a pinch, Tap Plastics. I’d rather go to the location because my Chinese is horrendous and I want to make sure I can see what I’m getting.


i only know of bulk.

i wanted fiberglass and even some carbon fiber for some custom stereo installs. i was told only comes in bulk and there is no way i can use that much.

best bet is to find a business or manufacturer that uses it and buy some from them.

it’s totally different compared to the states. it’s super difficult or impossble to do custom work here due to lack of distribution of supply/materials.

Try talking to university engineering departments if you know someone… in fact I have a friend doing an engineering post-graduates degree maybe I can talk to him about getting carbon fiber. Yes supplies for custom work is hard to find, the key is avoid retail channel like plague because you will not find anything but mass produced shopping mall quality junk there. Once you get out of that you will be able to find most of what you need, at a lower price than the US I might add… I found all the fake leather cloths I needed for amp coverings at Diwha street… at a 90% discount compared to US prices!

and holy batman! here is some carbon fiber cloth: … igisme0321

they aren’t cheap though.

you can buy carbon fiber cloth + the resin at chemical stores 化工店(hua gong dian). They are not common, but you can find them around town. It is also quite cheap <500$

TYVM temple! will give that a try next time i need carbon fiber or fiberglass. hopefully it’s not that hard to find in taichung and quality is decent.