Carbon-fiber-look vinyl wrap

I fancy wrapping some wing mirrors and other stuff on my car with some carbon fibre vinyl. I’m not looking for real CF, but the vinyl sheets, you can heat them and wrap them around things to give a CF look. Any clues as to where I could find some would be appreciated.

Bit late to get a response, but if you are still looking I found CF vinyl wrap material, very high quality and looks the real deal. NOT the cf looking window film.

It is at DCR in Taipei, a scooter/motorcycle custom shop.

If you want more information on location give me a shout.

They carry it in three sizes, small 400nt, medium 1000, and large 1400. The small covered a little over a square foot of area. Worked nice for doing the fuel door and luggage compartment on my scooter. Even with the extreme weather in Taiwan it has held up nicely so far.