Carbon Monoxide Detector

Anybody know where to get a decent carbon monoxide detector? Can’t seem to find them anywhere in Taipei, i.e. B&Q…see plenty of fire alarms though…

Did you try the DIY electronics shop on B1 of the PaDe and HsinSheng? They have loads of home DIY things. If that doesn’t work, have a friend search in Chinese on if that doesn’t work, order from they deliver to Taiwan.

whilst strolling around the B&Q yesterday looking for a gas detector, I noticed they had row after row of imported Carbon Monoxide detectors… no gas detectors mind you :s …

Got mine in Costco last year for about NT$1000

Hi, this is for an apartment.
Costco sells smoke/fire alarms for around 900 x2. B&Q sells two for around the same price.

Is there anywhere else that sells them cheaper?
I’m used to UK prices which are dirt cheap.

Also Costco used to sell Carbon Monoxide detectors, but don’t now. B&Q sell them at an extortionate amount.

Again is there anywhere that sells them at a reasonable rate?


I was trying to buy a Carbon Monoxide detector/alarm today only to find out that none of the stores I went to are selling those, except the professional detectors for more than 6000 NT$.
These do not function as a general 24/7 monitoring alarm either.

Here is what I had in mind,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=d98391f7096812b4&biw=1920&bih=912

Got one today at B&Q for 2000NT$.
The model is Kidde Model KN-COB-B – CO Alarm.
PDF can be downloaded here,8062,pageId%3D4407%26siteId%3D384,00.html

It’s a bit expensive though.

The sensor device inside is quite complicated and costly, so they’re always a bit expensive. I’ve seen them in the UK for about 60 pounds. NT2000 is pretty good. Also … depending on exactly what’s inside, the sensor may deteriorate over time. If you want to stay absolutely safe, I suggest a new one within 10 years.

Sorry to dig up such an old thread but does anyone know where i can find a carbon monoxide detector these days. Thought the old advice might be out of date. I mean except for on-line.

it won’t let me past the link to the page

edit: Changed the screenshot to correct product, same store
(was faffing trying to get the link to work and posted the wrong one)

Thanks thats great, ill go check it out