Care center,kindergarten or babysitter

Dear friends,
I am going to do some research work in academia sinica . I will join this August. I have a girl and she is 2 years old. Can you help me about options of childcare or kindergarten near the area? How much they cost ? Is it easy to find babysitter or nanny and how will be their prices for part time?

thank you so much.

the cost of day care center is 20~30k NTD / month for full time. Maybe 15-18k for harf day.

if it can be a local babysitter, it may not be so hard to get someone. The cost is 15-20k NTD per month for full time, 8-13k NTD for half day.

Cannot you get some help from your work place to find a trustable daycare or babysitter? There might be some foreign researchers who know some English speaking babysitter.

As for babysitter, if you read Chinese, here is some info.

Here you can search kindergartens.

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Thank you so much for information. helped me a lot.

I forgot to write that registered day cares don’t newly take already 2yo kids. So, your option may be kinder or babysitter.