Career advice needed

Maybe being an actor in one of those English programs (let’s talk in English?) could be a career move.[/quote]

Oh my Buddha, I saw one of those the other day…I have never seen such pathetic acting…not even out of Huge Grunt or Bob Saget.

Sorry for going so far off topic…but I never get to talk about thespianism anymore… :cry:

You’re from Thespia? Oh no, not another one. I hate bloody Thespians.

You’re from Thespia? Oh no, not another one. I hate bloody Thespians.[/quote]

Hatred stems from fear…fear from lack of understanding…

Here in Thespia, we speak Iambic Pentameter, so I can understand your lack of understanding, your fear and your hatred…just don’t let it get the better of you…

Try some simple rhymes a’fore thine hatred turns
To crimes, for which there can be no return
Only downward t’wards yon Hades thou will
Burn and burn and burn and burn…your turn…


Thanks to all those above who posted helpful info. I’m still at the same school and planning to remain so for quite some time to come. I’m still enjoying teaching there and I’m trying to put into practice the kind words of those who advised me to look upon my classroom as a kind of laboratory and to use this time to develop teaching techniques and theories and to learn about the whole English teaching business environment.

I’m still interested in opening my own school (buxiban) in the future. Having read through the posts on the legal forums more than once, I’m still not clear about some things. I would really appreciate if any of you who have experience or knowledge of this area could go over to my new post on the legal forums;
and post any tips you may have.

Thanks again.