Careful what you post on social media in Malaysia

@Andrew0409, probably a good thing you got out of Malaysia!

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Between Andrew’s thread and this, I’ve seriously (perhaps unreasonably) gone off ever visiting there. It used to be on my SE Asia bucket-list, but not anymore. Besides it’s right next to Singapore, and Singapore always wins as a travel destination when these are the choices.

Pro tip: if you login to Facebook from a public place in Malaysia, for the love of God remember to log out before you leave.


Pro Pro tip. Don’t log into Facebook from a public place.

Pro Pro Pro Tip: Don’t use Facebook.


If there’s somebody you hate, you can set up a Facebook account in their name, and fill it with rude things.

Not advisable.

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Damn, there goes my plan of creating an account named Dr_Milkeя.


You huwt my feewings! :sob:

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That, and while a hacker group like Pawn Storm have spent years learning to cover their tracks, the average user will take authorities about 5 seconds to figure out who actually created the account.

There are some aspects of Malaysia that’s good. But not enough for me to want live there or cancel out the BS.

I’d love to hear some of these.

Thanks I’m in Borneo in a couple of weeks so I’ll keep it in mind

It’s very cheap. There’s A W root beer and Wendy’s.

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Can go to Okinawa for an A&W fix.

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Can eat cat food for a Wendy’s fix.

You can also buy A&W at Jason’s and Carrefour’s right here in Taiwan.

Was actually referring to the A&W restaurant, not just the root beer. Costco sells the root beer too.

Ah gotcha.

Malaysia still.has incredible wildlife, that alone is worth going for.

Apparently people often come across wild tigers crossing the road while driving.

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