Carnegie's the "chat" thread

I was only there if I was observed being there.

Otherwise I was there or not.

Carnegie has 37 threads here so hell`o I’m just picking this one. If that brass pole bartop could talk…

I don’t remember ever hearing about police raids happening at Carnegie’s. Have the cops ever come in there and shut everything down and checked IDs and such?

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And check for what? Underage girls? :rofl:


I don’t know about police raids, but the couple of times I’ve been there on a weekend it was a bunch of old white dudes and a small handful of women who all looked like they escaped from a retirement home for rejected prostitutes. It was like some hellish parallel-universe version of Bangkok. I’ve also gone there early-ish on a weeknight and had fairly decent bar food, mostly alone. I’ve never seen anything resembling just a regular fun night out with a cool mix of people and regular (under the age of 50 and relatively sane and attractive) women to talk to, though.

Am I missing something, or was it way better 12-15 years ago?


Or longer. Used to be popular and hang out and see all your friend but then all these other places come around and last 20 years like Xinyi District clubs and all the others.

Different kinds of expats and locals years ago.

At Carnegie’s, the scary grandma’s tapping on your shoulder asking if you want a date is really like from a science fiction movie or something.

This is the story I’ve been led to believe and I have seen a glimpse of it.

Anhe Road was maybe the prime bar hopping district at one time for people that didn’t want to go to the Combat Zone. It’s recently having a resurgence in the area but not on that exact street I don’t know if anyone here has noticed.

There are easily four or five speakeasies nearby and lots of pubs and whiskey bars and craft beer and cocktail bars and live music places and pizza places and sports bars.

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Their only issues were with the hotel upstairs who would call the EPA and make noise complaints. Apparently the music was putting the shaggers off their stroke.

Starter for ten: who can name the all time no. 1 Carnegie anthem?

30% better approx. Haven’t missed much.

First couple of years Wednesday nights were fun. But it didn’t last. And then the prostitutes moved in…

U know what is scarier? Obviously they have a certain success rate, or they would not keep hanging out there…

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Go for it, how bad can it be? Just tell her she’s buying

It has only existed since 2001. Must not have had a very long heyday if it was longer than 15 years ago but less than 20.

Guanxi and triad connections help a bit.

So you missed the Forumosa Happy Hours?

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See those balding old guys and the mutton-dressed-as-lamb?

That’s the same people who were there 12-15 years ago.

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Damn, where is Bob when you need him?

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Hanging out with members of this forum in real life? Damn, that’s scary. If I wanted to hang out with a bunch of Trumpers I’d just move back to my hometown! :joy:

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I’ve gathered that much. Even back then they’d have been in their 50’s, though!


Not really. It’s different, people behave actually and you learn how to ‘read’ their posts.

Do these actually occur anymore?