Carnival Taipei 2019

Food, dance, fun.
Time: Sunday at 11 AM – 7 PM
Location: MAJI 集食行樂
中山北路,民族西路口,花博公園內Maji 集食行樂園區, Taipei. Expo Park


What kind of food is there?

Caribbean stand rules: rice and beans, Russian salad, assorted meats. GuatemalanMexican, Honduran and Salvadorean fare, like Baleadas. Pupusas.

This Sunday right, 02/24?

I will def go there for the food!

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Hurry. It is going fast!

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It went on until 8pm.

There was beer, liquors like Angostura and Pisco, lots of coffee.

And a Brazilian carnival parade.

I went last year and it was good times, but today was way too cold and rainy.

It was full of people but yes, it would have been better without rain.