Carnivore Diet?

Anyone tried or know anything about the carnivore diet? It’s supposed to help with a whole list of things from depression, arthritis and fat loss. I think Jordan Peterson and his daughter both do this and have found success with it.

Just seems like an even more restrictive version of the keto diet. Doesn’t seem sustainable in the long term and would likely lead to several vitamin deficiencies and constipation.

If you want to eat a largely meat-based diet, I’d copy the Mongolians. They’ve had it figured out for generations.


maybe this can help

The one below tried all kind of diets : keto, vegan, low fat diet, paleo diet etc… then CARNOVORE one

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I don’t see how this is a thing. Can’t be very healthy and also bad for environment. I think most people agree that we need to eat less meats.

I believe Inuits are some of the healthiest people and suffer no vitamin deficiency. Many organs are packed with vitamins so that may be why since they eat and use everything from the animal.

Who? I rarely hear this unless from vegans.

That’s because they also gather berries, tubers, grasses, seaweed…

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It’s working for me tonight.

“Jordan B. Peterson and his daughter, Mikhaila, just beef, salt, water, and the occasional glass of bourbon.”


If they were available. It seems like they ate mostly only meat though.

Interestingly, I ate a very similar meat only diet for most of my early life. I hated vegetables and didn’t really like to eat fruits all that much. Everyone said it was going to be a problem. I however grew taller and more built than anyone in my family. My sister who grew up with me eat mostly vegetables and is 5’1. I’m 6’2-6’3. So idk.

Why don’t you just try it for a month and report back?


You’d reek, wouldn’t you?

I’m thinking about giving it a shot. I lost 6kg since my stay at the hospital last month and it’s mostly muscle since I think I definitely got slightly more fat on me. They asked me to change my diet and lower carbs. It’s be hard with the diet change adjusting to what I need to keep weight. Since my body seems to shuttle carbs well to muscle and I can eat a lot and not gain fat.

uhh, everyone.

If you consider sustainability a thing.

i think he did that because other food made him sick.

Even the companies producing the meat products are aware of the trends of meat replacement products, it’s not just vegans that are aware of the environmental impact. If everyone decides to become a carnivore the planet will explode probably…

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Yes, but I don’t think it will catch on in a really big way. Even if more people got to trying it, they’d probably give up after a bit.

I am curious about what happens but I would never do this. I think it would be highly unpleasant and I’m just not into excluding anything from my diet.

I’m thinking it’s probably the klonopin addiction that made him sick.


Isn’t it a myth?