Carnivore Diet?

Why? Withdrawals are over in 1-2 weeks if you can get through it. His symptoms don’t really fit. I have hundreds of clinical hours clocked in at a drug rehab. I don’t think that it fits. And I think he had these issues from young, so it hard to believe he wouldn’t know his symptoms are from benzodiazepines and pursue a diet like his.

Is it? Idk, they seemed to have survived some harsh conditions eating mostly meat.

Apparently it was his daughter who found that a carnivore diet worked for her because she was allergic to, like, everything. I suppose he just gave it a go for the sake of family harmony. I agree with @hanna149 that it just sounds unpleasant. I’ve been to those steak shops where they literally serve you a chunk of dead animal and nothing else: it’s always a great steak, but I want to eat something else with it. It’s just boring otherwise.

I think a lot of people confuse “low-carb” with “carnivore”. They are not remotely the same thing. Dunno if that’s the case with JP. I’d imagine he’s smarter than that.