Carnivorous native bird species

A request for suggestions. We are plannig a habitat restoration in collaboration with biological pest control efforts for farmers. I am painfully ignorant about all things birds, and asking if any bird enthusiasts could lend some suggestions.

We are wanting to promote and create habitat, on top of what is already available, for carnivorous bird species native to southern taiwans lowlands. This will eventually be in collaboration for future projects on biological pest control systems in combination with ecology study and habitat restoration.

We need mostly insectivorious type birds, though larger birds arent discouraged. Essentially the idea is aimed at grasshopper, cricket, small mammal (mouse etc) eradication. I realize there will no doubt be unwanted destruction of lizard, bee and other “beneficial” to human species, but this is the preliminary as other such species will be taken into account in agriculture systems. However, we are still quite ignorant about good bird candidates and would love some suggestions if there are any bird watchers, hobbyists or researches browsing the forums.

Criteria would be:

Native species, endmic would be a plus

Absolutely none that eat vegetation, seeds, fruits etc (agriculturual aim)

Insect eaters

Ideally are arboreal nesters, ie we can make houses for nesting off ground.

Thats about it. Any help greatly appreciated!

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Barn swallows. They’re everywhere anyway though, right? And they seem kind of partial to going where they please.

Just a few comments from someone who is definitely not a Taiwan bird expert…
On my farmland the non-flying insects are mostly eaten by sparrows, starlings, herons, egrets, and strikes. Flying insects are eaten by a black bird which I am not sure how to classify (possibly “flycatcher”).
I think only the sparrows and starlings will nest in a bird box. At my land the starlings are crowding out the other birds.
Frogs are also useful for insect control.


I only figured out what these were lately. I always thought they were young Minas or something.

Cheers guys. Do you happen to know their latin names? Certain groups are quite numerous, such as sparrows.

Is the black bird you mention Dicrurus macrocercus? I have become quite friendly qith thes guys as they follow people around. There are a few similar sized black birds, no sure the names. One has an orange beak an im told is introduced (not sure). And another black one with white spots that look like eyes when flying. Not sure what that one is.

We have lots of habitat made for frogs, toads, various lizard and snake species, workin on a small wetland for turtles, breeding various insects such as mantids for.pest control etc etc. Birds are my real super lack of knowledge. But i know enough to know their bird can knock out more crickets in a day than any native frog species.

Ideally id like some nocturnal insect eatering birds too as crickets have fas become the current problem. Turns out bats are nearly useless for such bugs.

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Is it really possible to just put up a birdhouse or something and think the birds are going to stick around? Serious question from a city boy

Probably not. The goal is to select a handful of species and research their habits and make a small patch of forest and shrub that is suitable for them to nest and feed. Some luck will come in as again i am vastly ignorant about birds.

I can see more of a problem with invasive species nesting in houses. But this part of the project is all preliminary cause im an idiot with anyhthng that flies

Growing up we did build birdhouses and always had amazing success year in and year out. But that was a different country and totally different climate so not much to draw on other than it was great fun.

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Sounds like fun! Good luck

Drongo maybe?


These guys


You may like to talk to Wild Bird Association of Taiwan ,
They may want to work with you or at least offer the information you need.

“to promote and create habitat” birds can fly, if the environment is suitable, they will go to there naturally. Location decide the spices.


Black drongo. Reasonably common. Will attack crows! Brave fekkers.

Cheers, will write them in the next couple days :slight_smile:

We have the black drongos already. They are on the list as they seem to do a fine job at eating bugs. but would like some more variety. The drongos follow us after weeding.
Have trained them before to nearly eat (crickets) out of hand. They get amazingly close!

As the farms are or will be growing peppers, vanilla, goji and various seed crops, trying.hard to avoid species that like those. We have green pidgeons nearby as well but google says they will eat seeds and fruit, so they are out. I quite enjoy seeing them!

Chickens? They don’t fly and just eat everything on ground level, even weed.

Tough bird !!

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They sure are. We have seen a few of them drive off eagles near one of our farms. at least i think it was them. Black, same size. Quite impressive. Reminded of the epic crow vs eagle battles we used to watch in canada, but not as many.

Thats the problem, they eat crops. Great for orchards. They also arent native and thus, not welcomed.

Yes, that is them. I like these birds…have an attitude…will even fight with a starling…which like go bully the other birds.

That pic even makes them look like black trenchcoat goons haha. They seem like a pussy cat. When you feed them, pussy; when youre weaker than them, cat.