Carpet Store with Plush wall to wall carpet

So our apartment has a hard stone floor and it is KILLING my feet. I’ve bought a couple of area rugs, but its still like walking on concrete. Our house in the States had thick plush carpets with carpet padding underneath and I NEVER had a problem with my feet. Does anyone know where I’d go to get soft carpet and padding installed in our flat? … tsrch=srp3

They also do installation, you can ask them about padding (although I’ve never managed to find them, might try those plastic stores along Taiyuan road, they might have sponge paddings).


The best solution is to use a layer of thin foam before installing the carpet. You will feel softness. But I recommend you to use rugs. They are soft, easily removable and washable. Rugs available in many different types e.g. if you are in Australia. I am not sure about the other countries and the availability of rugs.