Carrefour brand extra virgin olive oil

What does anyone think of the Carrefour brand extra virgin olive oil? It has labels in chinese stating that it’s packaged in Italy and the addresses on the back lists manufacturers/packagers in Italy. Can someone confirm or deny whether or not these are real?

I’m not using them for food oil by the way (I use soybean oil for that, because I deep fry some stuff too) but for French Polishing guitars…

I’ve used it, both the glass and plastic bottles. Seems fine to me.

European products have a reputation for quality and high standards.

Yea, I know, but the question is, are they indeed packaged in Europe or is it just labeling inconsistency? Plenty of fake olive oils claim to be from Europe but are packaged in Taiwan after some alteration…

But Carrefour is a European brand, not managed from Taiwan, so I doubt there’s any fakiness. The Carrefour olive oil on the shelf here is the same as the Carrefour olive oil in Timbuktu and other places that have high standards of food quality.

However the Carrefour “value” brand Satay sauce was the same one that was mentioned in the news of using expired/old foodstuff… so not necessarily. The value brand is mostly junk however and the non-value brand (with French printing and stuff) isn’t.

In France Carrefour is rather known for it’s low quality products.

That was presumably processed locally though.

European products have a reputation for quality and high standards.[/quote]

Even if it says packaged in Italy doesn’t mean it was made in Italy, but at least it should be more reliable than the stuff packaged here.

There’s a MASSIVE trade of good through places like Italy that didn’t actually originate there.

I recommend against touching anything with Chinese characters on the label. Chinese characters have cooties.