Carrefour CNY hours?

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Which store?

I thought it would be pretty universal since it’s a chain?

If it varies/matters, any in kaohsiung. :man_shrugging:t3: But I’m satisfied to assume based on non-kaohsiung locations.

I can’t find any useful information on Carrefour’s website, but in English at least, it’s a pretty garbage website to navigate.

Here’s the link for the Danshui (“TX”?!) store: it gives regular hours, and then says “Special Business Hours: For business hours on major festivals, please refer to the shops’ announcements.” With no link. And this is exactly where you’d expect to find that information. I suppose that means you need to go to the store, and see if there’s a posted notice?


this one Kaohsiung? Same hour


I recognize the dates, but the only thing I can make out other than that is it will be closed at 5pm on the 24th?

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18-23 Jan open until 1am
24 Jan closes at 5pm, re-opens 25 Jan 10am
26 Jan resume normal hours


Thank you both!