Carrefour French cheeses

There are so many, and I don’t know what they are. It might be fun to spread the knowledge along with the Camembert.

Tomme des Pyrénées–mild and soft, buttery. Slight bitter taste. Melts good. Nice


Emmenthal is what we call Swiss (or a high-end version of that).

Maybe some of the Europeans on Forumosa can teach us ignorant Americans? (Probably not the Brits, though…)


Emmental vs Gruyere ‘… although they are quite similar cheeses, Gruyere is a bit more fattening – and arguably a tad more flavorful than Emmental; it also has a thicker rind and fewer holes …’

Yes, well, you did show your ignorance. This site has 1 or 2 British cheeses.
Perhaps you can educate yourself :slight_smile:

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What, like white cheddar, yellow cheddar and orange cheddar? I’d rather hear from the continentals about French cheese.

For god’s sake, Stilton, man, Stilton!


Did you look at that site? Why would a German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Austrian, Pole, Portuguese, etc. know more about French cheese than the Brits? Maybe the French would?

Hey, no mention of Belgian cheeses?

Sure, I love a good Maredsous or Limburger!

A nice matured Herve with loaf of rye bread and a glass of Chimay. Yeah.

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We don’t call it Limburger! It’s Herve!

That’s how they sell it back in Alabama. But noted.

They have cheese in Alabama? They probably do ‘Belgian’ waffles and ‘French’ fries?

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Sure do. And not much else.

Freedom fries!

I think you’ll find the ‘Limburger’ cheese in Alabama is actually made in USA. not Belgium.

Alabama has the right temperature and microorganisms.:wink:

My x wife is from US and conversation with my Son Today saying the one thing he detests so much is the shit Amercan food when visiting relatives.
British good food and cheeses are exceptionally good, what the :tent: is Chlorinated chicken? slaughter it then drag through local swimming baths?
So yes the Europeans can give you advice including British no brexit yet matey

must take a trip to oregon


Foodborne illness, or food poisoning , affects about one in six Americans every year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that of these cases, there are 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths annually. You can get food poisoning when your food carries dangerous germs or toxins.Feb 6, 2017


17 of the Worst Foodborne Illness Outbreaks in U.S. History › health › worst-foodborne-illness-outbreaks

chicken was the worst offender followed by beef. Recently we are having a Romaine lettuce (from close by here in Salinas) contamination. Many have been sickened .

This is the second time this year that romaine lettuce from salinas has been found to be contaminated. Wonder what is going on with Salinas veggies?