Carrefour French cheeses

I bought a “Le Petite Camembert” from Carrefour the other day @N$T99.

Every day I open the fridge and it stinks the whole house out.

That’s a good cheese.


Had it and it’s good,very good so maybe some foods are OK very few in my experience.

WE don’t have Car 4 here in Calif, But we have trader Joes and they have quite a nice selection of cheeses from france and new zealand as well as american cheeses. I like one of the french ones, forget, was a triple brie or some such. Stank, you have to air it out before eating it as it smelled a bit like chlorine. but it was good after 20 mins airing out.

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In the states, fake cheese has to be labeled cheese food. Just don’t expect cheese if you buy “cheese food” or “processed cheese” like what is sold in most Taiwanese and American supermarkets in those single wraps. Costco has affordable interesting options, and Dida in taichung is amazing and fun to see the progression of their cheese making.

UK has great cheese. Less than France but comparable elsewhere in Europe. There are lots of things from British food culture to sneer at, but out cheese and beer game is on point

US cheese is poor

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That’s why this thread is about French cheese.

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We know about Cheese as well. We could be your Anglo doorway to European Cheese Nirvana, but your ignorance keeps you in Tillamook purgatory.

Tillamook, that stuff is vile

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In my refrigerator at the meeting moment: parmesan from Italy for grating onto salads, wensleydale from England for eating with crackers, , feta from the US for salads. mozzarella from the US for bocadillo con queso appetizers. Not really cheese but also cream cheese from the US for guayaba pastelitos or perhaps a guava cheesecake. I frequently buy Tillamook extra sharp. I know posters here enjoy bashing the US and I’m sure we have many bashable offenses but I’m not sure that Tillamook is one of them. France has wonderful cheeses but so do other countries. I’m partial to the English cheeses because I like a tangy cheddar styles. I avoid preshredded cheese because it’s coated with cellulose which is wood pulp and I don’t consider that food. At the same time, people eat those cheese food slices because they are affordable. I’ve been known to consume a tasty breakfast burrito from McDonald’s in New Mexico with that fake process cheese and hatch chilis and I don’t remember any adverse side effects.
I was at Carrefour today in Xindian and they had a good affordable cheese selection and prosciutto/salami.


Maybe I just had a bad experience, but it tastes like plastic to me

Not about French cheeses: for mass-market blocks of cheeses that are available in Taiwan, I’d say Tillamook is pretty darn good. I just hope their pepper jack returns to Costco. And I certainly like them more than the Heritage brand that’s probably the most commonly available here - I’m not even sure if I’d identify cheddar vs Monterey jack vs pepper jack in a blind taste test for that brand. Unfortunately, at places like City Super, the Tillamook is much more expensive.

But I’m curious as well about tempogain’s starting question: which of the lesser-known cheese do people recommend, and what do you do with them?


Ha… the more important question is where can you find rye bread here in Taiwan? A while back, brought back some pastrami from NY. Didn’t realize that I should’ve also brought back some rye bread. Even Wendell’s didn’t have any… though I had quickly realized that it was a German restaurant in theory only. I ended up buying some rye bread during a trip to HK lol

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Yes it is a reason to bash Americans in the cheese thread. Very sorry about that. :)

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Florida Bakery used to make nice sliced loaves. Haven’t been over there for a while to check

pull your finger out carrefor and sell some french bread. are we supposed to eat this french cheese with hot dog bread or what?? disgraceful.

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I’m not a super huge fan of super hard bread, sort of depends on the rest of the meal I suppose… but it’s really sort of a joke what they call French bread here. I guess everyone is worried about breaking a tooth or something.

That said, there is plenty of bread here that I enjoy, so long as I don’t expect it to be anything like the overseas equivalent

Randomly came across some rye bread shaped like a bagel recently (can’t remember where). Wasn’t bad… at least it didn’t have the consistency of wonder bread

I can get the Cheese. Where in Kaohsiung, Pingtung or Hades can I get the Rye. How about a nice pumpernickel?
Oh what’s that other French cheese like Swiss. It’s cheaper than the two cheeses mentioned above at Carrefour. I almost bought it but I chose the
Emmental instead

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If you’re in Taipei Oma Ursels turn out a respectable rye bread, I also like their sourdough/quinoa loaf.

Very nice! As can be imagined, quite like a Brie, but more flavorful.

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What did you do with it? Eat with crackers, or use as an ingredient? Or just unwrap it, and devour the whole block while standing over the sink?