Carrefour French cheeses

With some Carrefour dark rye, Carrefour sun-dried tomatoes, olives from Carrefour, and Costco pine nuts


Ha. Not exactly eating local, are we? (Sounds good!)

Not today!

Seriously? Who knew?

Camembert doesn’t stink! Something is dying in your fridge and it’s not the cheese.

Aldi, German!

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fixed that one.

You don’t understand what rye bread is.

No? You bet?

If you didn’t like the FB sliced rye, it can’t be denied.

Facebook sliced rye?


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Interesting, and I would to try to see if is really better than the French ones. In France there are so many local ones so I can say most people miss out although the Carrefour ones in Taiwan are decent.

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Probably like Kavalan winning a whiskey award