Carrefour membership card and points - are they useful?

After years of shopping at Carrefour I finally got one of their membership cards last year. As best I can figure, I get one point with every dollar spent, and I can use 300 points to get a one dollar discount (0.3% discount!). So not much, but something, and they take care of it pretty much automatically.

But is the card useful for other things? Am I missing something else I should save points for, rather than using them to get little discounts? And does Carrefour have discounts for members for other things?

If you’re buying large ticket items, it’s nice to get a little back. Sometimes they have double points on refrigerators or AC units so that’s something. No discounts for members AFAIK.

I could swear there used to be a section on their website with some stuff you could exchange the points for but I’ve just checked now, and there isn’t anything like that. So it seems the discount at checkout is the only way:


Some products have member-only prices (會員價), and I think some of the “buy one, get two” (買一送一) deals also require the card.

The card is free. Use it. More often than not, we get some kind of free gift from the customer care desk. It could be that we bought a promoted product, bought the competition of a promoted product, you spent enough money or Carrefour was just being generous. We get something for free about 75% of our visits.

I believe if you use the Carrefour credit card, they give you double the points than what you’d get for a normal membership card. It’s still not much, but it can add up.