Carrefour Order Online in English, Free Shipping!


Suhweet! Thanks!


For anyone reading this topic later! Carrefour started an online shopping service (I’m not sure how long ago this began but I just recently learned of it).


I live in Kaohsiung city. I ordered $2300 worth of goods on the website on Tuesday morning. Some things on the website, after selecting them, say they are out of stock and are removed from my cart. Wow that’s clever isn’t it. I put my credit card details in. Delivery scheduled for Wednesday between 5 pm and 9 pm. All good.

I sit at home on Wednesday waiting. At 11pm, still nothing. I send a query through the online query system attached to my order and the website assures me someone will contact me.

On Thursday morning at 10:30 am after hearing nothing, I call the customer service line. They tell me they will call the Aihe store to ask since it’s their responsibility to fill the order and will call me back. 3 hours later I haven’t heard anything. So I call back again at 2:00 pm and am told again that someone will call me. This time someone from Aihe store calls me back and says sorry we didn’t deliver the goods yesterday, we’ll deliver them today. I said great, please deliver them any time today.

I sit at home on Thursday night. The delivery is not made and nobody contacts me. I send a query through the online query system provided for this purpose and the website assures me someone will get back to me.

On Friday at lunchtime I call the customer service line. They call me back an hour later to let me know that someone else will call me. Half an hour later I receive a call from what I assume is the Aihe store asking me if they can deliver tonight. I say no, please deliver it earlier because I have to go out tonight.

On Friday at 2pm I receive my stuff! Well, 2/3 of the stuff. The delivery man (who appears to be the guy working at the Carrefour back dock, not an actual delivery person) says sorry he didn’t deliver it because of (incomprehensible reason). He mutters something about the timing being really tight. He leaves.

I open the box to discover that nt581 worth of goods are not inside (and the rest are crushed - pringles in 1cm pieces, anyone?). There is a receipt showing the full amount has been charged to my credit card, and there is no acknowledgement that the missing goods were out of stock, would be delivered later, etc.

So I call the customer service line again and tell them. They say they will call me back. I tell them this is all very inconvenient for me and can they please email me letting me know why there have been so many problems and what they will do to solve my problems. The lady refuses to do so and keeps repeating that she will call me back. Later another lady calls me back and say those things are out of stock and they will get them in tomorrow (Saturday). They ask if they can deliver on Monday. I say yes, go right ahead, deliver that stuff on Monday! Cough, laugh.

I should have known. I had too much faith in the customer service of a large company in Taiwan’s second largest city!


Oh shit, oh shit!

I just made an order (I’m in Taipei). Paid via ATMTransfer not credit card so I can’t do a charge back. Delivery is scheduled for Sunday with a Window from 5-7pm. I’ve got some beef and pork in this order, so I hope they don’t, I dunno, leave those out in the sun all day.

Will report back when it’s delivered… or not.


wow, that makes going in person seem convenient in comparison.


Hopefully it’s just unfortunate hiccups in a new system. Tell them your concern so they know. Hope it gets better.


Seems like something that coporate did, that local stores don’t care to do.


That’s quite different from the experience I had!

We bought around 2000 worth in goods last Sunday night, including some frozen stuffs. All delivered on Monday morning, and they even brought it to our apartment door, instead of leaving on our lobby at other deliveries do.

For us, it was a very good experience. I guess it really depends on which store you are getting your stuffs from.


But I’m getting a lot of water bottles, and a flat of soda. Easier to have that delivered versus lugging it around.


I’m with Ricarte on this. Delivery occurred earlier today. It was fine. No problems.


Could you guys especify which locations? It is not the same if you live in Taipei or Kaohsiung, or if you live in Tianmu or gulp Xindian. Even Sanchong vs Zhongzheng would vary.


My friend a few districts away in Kaohsiung (whose order is filled by a different store I believe) has ordered 3 times with no problems. When they forgot to deliver something they even went back with it, then called her in English the next day to make sure she had received it. Looking forward to others’ experiences … hopefully much better than mine.

Also, can we really order online from Costco? I heard you can do so on a business members, but can you also do it on a normal one? I wasn’t able to register my card on the website so I couldn’t try, I’ll need to go into the store and see if they can help me with that.


Taipei. My order was fulfilled by the Chong Qing Store.


Aha! So they do not have a central distribution center but each store handles it? Like bread quality, it also tends to vary.

Moreover, there is not the same stuff in all stores.Mmm.


Exactly. Though I suspect they aren’t set up to fulfill orders right from their distribution center. Easier to do it from the individual stores.

But I have noticed that the overall store quality is improving. The Dongxing and Nangang shops used to be as dumpy as a Sanchong rooftop apartment, but they have also improved in the last two years. Much better now.


Some of the stores did see a revamp.

I went to the Neihu one by Costco on Saturday and despite it being my first time there, definitely saw a difference between the in Songshan on Dongxin Rd. and the one in Minsheng Community.


Where is the home cleaning services?


Well that sucks.
So if a Carrefour in Taoyuan has a box of Lucky Charms, but the Carrefour in Sanxia where I live does not, then I can’t get it?

Not cool.

Or do they check all Carrefours within a certain radius of your shipping address?


Dunno. Stock that’s available on the website might be different than in-store.


You need Costco’s credit card to order online.


Is there a way to get them to call before delivery? Our doorbell/buzzer thingy does not work and we do not have a security area to deliver to. I could have them deliver to the inlaws, but I may as well just get my stuff in person at that point.