Carrefour Order Online in English, Free Shipping!


Everything was semi frozen. It had thawed half way. It was delivered on a refrigerated truck though. But yeah, I wasn’t very happy about getting half way frozen food.

My 2nd box of nonfrozen items has still not been delivered. They did call me tonight and said it was delayed one day. I should get it tomorrow.

Note to others:
Frozen and refrigerated deliveries have to be signed for by you upon delivery. They can’t just drop it off with a guard or front desk of your building.


I wouldn’t be happy either, in fact I’d be on the phone telling them to come collect it!


Was notified by Carrefour today that my 2nd box of goods will be delayed until tomorrow because of lack of inventory.

I bet it’s those damn Lucky Charms. Not so lucky are they?


Ordering from Costco is a pain, needing fax and check and re-check! And a lot of stuff they don’t have that’s on the site and things they have that’s not on the site or in the catalog.


The 2nd box has been delivered!
And inside was the holy grail of cereal in Taiwan!


Just curious, have you done it lately? I made a small online order the other day that was easy.


Made an order last month online and it was completely painless, no faxing or double checking anything.


They currently have Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios. A bit pricey though.


Not sure if this is available online, but spotted at Carrefour Minsheng Community 3 days ago:


Yeah, Lucky Charms is not online anymore.

A&W Root-beer and Doctor Pepper are also no longer available online but they are still in the stores.
12NT a can!


Eat oats for god sakes, why do you waste your money on cereal O.o


Only a waste if you buy it and throw it out. I don’t know about you, but I eat my food after I buy it.


You can be healthier and have more money…or eat lucky charms lol what is going on.


Can get 3kg of oats for the price of a box of lucky charms


I think it’s easier to eat junk food and have more money. In the case of Lucky Charms, no :smiley: , but generally in Taiwan.

…but Lucky Charms is like finding the diamond in the rough.


But oatmeal is a diamond in the roughage. :sunglasses:


Lucky Charms are magically delicious.


I hated Lucky Charms even as a kid. Marshmallows in cereal is just gross. Give me Cap’n Crunch any day of the week…because Crunch Berries.


I don’t think I’ve ever tried Lucky Charms. Now I’m curious.

I do remember Marshmallow Rice Krispies. Are they similar?


Captain crunch destroys the roof of your mouth. That stuff hurts!

As far as junk cereal goes, its just that…junk, a treat for now and then, but not to splurge on or eat every day for breakfast.

Finding lucky charms or cheerios or others is just fun. It is rare and a treat. Dont take the fun out of these little treasure hunts!