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You mean these? Like night and day…


Great victory requires great sacrifice.


You can get Rice Krispies at Jasons supermarket in those little single serving boxes for 15nt a box.


Not worth the trouble when bang mi hang can scratch that itch for me…and there’s an old man who sells it right down the block from my apartment.


They are like that. The cereal tastes like sweetened Cheerios, and the marshmallows are more like a candy than a marshmallow because they are crispy. But sugar tastes good!


I respectfully disagree. The baking has a caramelizing effect on the marshmallows in the Rice Crispies treats, giving them a nice flavor and texture. The Lucky Charms marshmallows in cold milk? Yuck…


Gotta eat it fast and milk levels can’t be that high for the best taste.


That’s true for most cereals, except for people who like their Cocoa Puffs to turn the milk into chocolate milk.


Nope, not the same. Marshmallow Rice Krispies were (are?) a flavor of Rice Krispies cereal. With, unsurprisingly, a whole bunch of small colored crispy (!) marshmallows added in. Those and Honey-Nut Cheerios were occasional treats when I was a kid - the farthest my parents would let us go towards the Chocolate-Crusted Sugar Bombs utopia that I truly desired. The only time I ever had Sugar Smacks (was that the frog one?), Froot Loops, or the like was as individual little boxes at hotel restaurants and family road-trip vacations.


Interesting. I’ve never seen those before. From what I can find online, they were only sold in the U.S. for a short period of time.



In my case, Canada, late 70s / early 80s. No idea if they were around for a short time or a long while. But things that happened “forever” in childhood may of course have only lasted a few weeks. Might be one of those things where Canada served as a test market for a product that was deemed unviable for the United States (see also, MacPizza).


Yeah, funny how that works. I was surprised to see that Wacky Packages made a comeback.



Wow! What just happened to this topic?!
I was expecting to find a serious discussion, not a cereal discussion. :howyoudoin:

Anyway, maybe the mods could split it into a new one…


Okay, so I am a curious person and I like to try new food and I wanted to see what the big fuss is about this but seriously this is just some Amerifat food that people prob ate as a kid and have some emotional attachment because it does not taste good.

Lucky Charms are really bad.

Bought a box at Carrefour because I was shopping for appliances etc for my new apartment.

The “marshmallow” is not real marshmallow. It is hard not soft and spongy, deal breaker.

The cereal itself is very very average, like a shitty honey taste?

Anyways, still gotta eat the shit because I paid for it.

3/10 rating.


Apparently they have the same ingredients just made with a different process, so it’s just a shit marshmallow.


The US is ethnically diverse and I usually don’t like to harp on it, but feel like I’ve been painted into a corner and have to stand up for a significant ethnic cohort. :nerd_face:

Lucky Charms was brought over from Ireland, where it is a delicacy brought out each St. Patrick’s Day by leprechauns in County Cork. Not only that, but Lucky Charms are magically delicious. You are being very insensitive about a sacred Irish dish! :no_no:

The traditional way to serve Lucky Charms is not with milk (!-ffs) but with Guinness poured over. No wonder you were unimpressed. :wall:


If only repeating this mantra made it so. But then again, I haven’t tried it with Guiness yet.


No no no

I did my research, General Mills, Inc., is an American multinational manufacturer, and Lucky Charms is marketed towards USA and UK.

So you just been tricked into eating Amerifat foods :sweat_smile::


Swiss Miss on the other hand, good god it’s gooooooood, made it with hot milk mmm mmm


I will yield to your Lucky Charms research, good sir. :grinning:

You could give Guinness a shot, though. Can’t be any worse.