Carrefour Wine Festival

Carrefour has a wine festival until the end of May. There’s some good baragains I think.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I’m nto sure what to buy.


Or click here to open pdf of leaflet in browser: … 012LF3.pdf

I might head over tomorrow to check out some of the cheap Bordeaux. If I come up with anything good I’ll post

I think I ended up buying eight bottles today. I’m not sure, as I kept changing my mind. Itw as very hard to whittle down my shortlist of 20-something picks.

I swung once and struck out.

Ok, what sucked?

chateau la jolie bergerac

Avoid el Pitt and la Jolie. :2cents:

My favorite wine that I’ve bought in awhile was the Ochagavia Red for 250-300NT at Carrefour. I think that sale is over though.

I’ve had several on the list but I don’t keep a database. I pretty much only drink reds but I couldn’t tell you if I had Merlot (usually), Shiraz, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon) though. I’m also not a wine expert and I’m not very discriminating.
Yellow Tail - Excellent (edit - this was actually Alice White - still excellent)
Obikwa - very good for a <200NT (before sale) wine
Bay Bridge - also very good and on sale at 188
Miraflores and Jacob’s Creek- don’t remember. must have been decent.
G7 - did not like this one. neither did my ex gf.
Casillero del Diablo - I remember drinking this in Peru/Ecuador and liking it but it’s still too expensive on the sale price. I would rather buy two bottles of something else.

I usually pick up a 185NT bottle of French Maid red wine at Costco. Pretty good value imo.

Slightly OT, but they’ve got a modest selection of Belgian beers too, including some good ones, and some at buy-several-bottles prices. Not sure if that’s normal or not?

I’ve noticed them offering specials on my favourite, Duvel. Recently, they had it at 50NTD. Well worth it at 8% or so of a beer that actually has flavour :lick:

I took a look. I don’t drink wine anymore really, but from what I saw at Carrefour, their sale prices, compared to the MUCH better wine available at RT Mart, simply did not compete.

What do you recommend from RT Mart then Sandy? I think RT Mart is good for wine, they have more cheap sparkling wine for example, but I don’t really see them being better than Carrefour on price or range overall. I think the two places have much the same sort of thing for much the same price. Maybe RT has mroe French and CF more South American. I mean if there are examples of RT Mart’s better wines or better prices, I’d love to try them.

I got about ten bottles at the Carrefour Wine Festival, but have only drunk one so far. Unfortunately it was a not bad, but not particularly interesting Chianti. Light and fruity, but that’s not really my thing.