Carry luggage on commuter rail?

Here’s my situation: I’m in Taiwan on a 90 day visa free entry. The online sites only let me book a hotel for a month, so I’ve got three hotels, one for each month. All are within walking distance of rail.

There’s just one possible flaw in my cunning plan. Can I get from Ximen MRT station to the Taoyuan station with a large bag in tow? It’s 30" with wheels and a handle. I’ve seen people with smaller bags in the station. I’ve noticed the extra wide turnstyle thingies. I’m not clear on the mechanics of it.

What do I need to know? Thanks.

(I took a taxi from the airport to the first hotel.)

I suggest taking the TRA train to taoyuan or the bus! I am sure they have an airport bus from Ximen

Yes, you can do it. MRT, too (but try to avoid rush hour when there’s sometimes barely enough room for a human).

I made out fine. Thanks, everybody.