Cars and Motorcyles Trivia

I ask a question, if you get the answer right, you get to ask the next question. Any questions related to C and M are OK. I don’t think this will work very well in Fun and Games, so I ask the mods to kindly leave this here.

Here it goes. I just recently bought a Toyota Zace pick up truck. It’s a 1992 model, 1.5 liter. Here’s the question: What do you have to do to start this truck? Just turning the ignition won’t work. Call it anti-theft designing. I’m pretty sure it comes like that stock and it’s not a modification.

Two hints: You can not start this truck with one hand. (1)You absolutely need two hands, and (2) it is very annoying and ill-designed.

I figured it out right away when I first tried starting it, but that’s because I actually used a vehicle with the same design years ago. Damned if I can remember what kind of car it was, but yes, I remembered and I figured it out quickly. I challenged trapjaw with this, and he did not manage to get the truck started without further hints. :smiley: I think sulavaca is probably our best candidate at solving this one, but I’m not that hopeful. :wink:

Good luck!


I’m going to stab at one of the switches on the left hand side activating the immobilizer.

Oh you are so cold! Far off! :smiley:

One more hint: The “thing” is on the right side, but you have to cross your left hand over the freeking right hand in order to activate it while turning the ignition with your right hand. Does that help? :laughing:


OK,OK, I wasn’t fair. You are actually a bit warm. It is a kind of switch, but not like a on/off switch.


PS: One more hint that should make guessing pretty easy: Over the years, this anti-theft/child proof design causes rust to form on the truck. Now that’s a dead giveaway.

BTW, it wasn’t easy, but I disabled this feature because I just could not deal with it.

An inlet pipe for pouring battery acid into the battery.

OK, I’m going to give yous the answer because you’ll probably never guess. You have to turn the ignition while pushing the windshield washer fluid button at the same time. This effectively squirts water onto the truck every time you start it. The only rust I had to repair on this truck was at the base of the windshield. It was nasty. I ended up cutting part of the panel clean off and I glued and riveted two stainless steel plates to cover the holes as seen on the “after” pictures.

I disabled it, but mind you, it took me a while to figure out the wiring gimmick.

Is anyone keen to ask the next question? I’ll leave it for now, or maybe I’ll post another question later, and if no one wants to play, the mods can just can the thread or whatever.


can you name two items designed for cars that Ducati used on their bikes in the 1980s to keep costs down?

Bonus question: and can you name the cars they were made for?

[quote=“urodacus”]can you name two items designed for cars that Ducati used on their bikes in the 1980s to keep costs down?

Bonus question: and can you name the cars they were made for?[/quote]
I think some of the 90’s aircooled models use air filters common with some Porsche. I know 2CV Pug 205 / 309 oil filters fit the 90’s Ducs and Mini starter solenoids and flasher relays are a straight swap. Opel Agila oil pressure switches fit some models.

What’s the bonus prize? :smiley:

Indeed, wagon of redness.

Pantahs started the trend in the 80s with Fiat oil filters, later used as standard on many small euro cars up to 2L capacity. Ducati, despite starting out life as a small electronics goods company (and a sideline in cameras) eschewed making their own electronics for bikes after about 1975 and began to use relays, solenoids, starters, some coils, etc from Fiat (just up the road) and the British company Lucas, as also fitted to many Leylands and Minis. The Real Italian Connection! (AKA Lucas, Prince of Darkness). other parts were some of the larger big end bearings but i forget the car they came from. air filters from the Porsche, eh? i had a 1990 SuperSport 750 but that had pod airfilters. the weber twin downdraft carburettor fitted to the paso (sad, sad beast) was apparently also a car beast, but truly sucked in the sport bike application.

your prize? who mentioned a prize? :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

maybe i’ll get you a beer next week.

He wants a yellow fat tail… mounted of course.

What American motor cycle model (and name the particlar colour) shares its name with a deadly scorpion from north Africa?

Oh, you’ve just answered it.


Which car holds the record for having sold 1 million in only one year? Bonus question: What year was it?


I’m tempted to go for the VW Beetle in 1961. That’s without doing a search.

Damn it! Now I’m not sure. I knew there was that other popular seller, but I never believed it sold that many until I looked it up. I couldn’t get 1 year figures in the space of a 1 minute search online, so I gave up. I’m interested to see what result you have though.
Was I far off?
I kinda hope the Japanese win as usual.

I like this game!

The beetle could be a close second. Not that far off, I think.


1-The car sported six taillights, a unique feature which, for a time, became its trademark.

2- It was named after an African animal.


Impala, 1966 (?)
I can’t think of any other cars with African animal names.

Yes, it’s the Impala. I could not believe it. How on earth did Chevrolet manage to build 1 million car in a year back in… 1965 (close miss on the year) is beyond me. Not to mention the car is butt ugly! My old man used to own one of them boats.

Your turn, but you are not allowed to ask difficult questions like urodacus. FYI, he was disqualified because of his last question. He can’t play anymore.