Cars and Taxi Drivers

I’m pretty new to Taipei City but am used to cycling on city streets. It seems like drivers (taxi’s especially) often crowd the curb or any free space on the right of the road and usually end up cutting me off even if traffic is moving relatively smoothly, forcing me to slow down and pass on the left. Is that a thing here or am I just imagining things? Half of the time it’s because they’re getting ready for a right turn and I’m wary of that but other times it seems deliberate. Is it?

Welcome to Taiwanese driving!!! :slight_smile:

I rode a bike for years in Taiwan and got forced of the road more times than I can remember. I even got knocked off my bike a few times and was left on the roadside bleeding, the guilty party looking back and just continuing on.

Having said that, once I bought a car my stress levels on the road went up exponentially. I will never complain about drivers anywhere else after living in Taiwan (unless I move to India or Vietnam)! :bow:

When in Rome, swerve like the Romans do. Often and without scruples.

You’ll get used to riding on the sidewalk, in the fast lane and left turn lanes, and sometimes against traffic. It’s just how they roll here.

Good to know. I’m sure I’ll get accustomed to it but knowing that’s just how things are will help me be more alert and roll with the punches. Appreciate the viewpoint.

Yea. One thing though is that many drivers are used to dealing with cyclists on the roads here. We can all complain about the driving styles (or lack thereof) in Taiwan for sure. I’ve been hit once by a blue truck (minor scrape) and have had some close calls. Would this differ anywhere else where there is a clear lack of bicycle lanes? US cyclists face major harassment issues by overly-aggressive drivers, something which I am unaware of happening here. Other major cities are beginning to install clear cycling lanes. So I’d say that at the bare minimum that drivers are aware that cyclists do exist on roads. And that is something. I think the main thing is to just cycle with awareness and do not expect people to respect your right of way - ever. Adjust your cycling style accordingly.