Cars blocking your garage access

So, I’ve moved house. Thought the days of people blocking my car in were gone…little did I know…

Our new house has people blocking it in just as often as the last place.
At least nobody “owns” the street, this time.

My wife called the cops, they can’t do anything except phone the owner and hope they answer their phone. (every time we’ve tried this, the owner of the car has never answered)

There’s no phone number on the offending car’s window.

Is there anything legal I can do?

I’m watching the window to see if the owner shows up. He/she’s going to get a good dose of potty mouth. :fume: It’ll make me feel better.

Oh, and I’ve kept my wife well away from their car. Hahas No need to learn that lesson twice.

Punch his mirror off. :laughing:

That’s not legal. Plus they know where I live.
And last time my wife damaged a car, I had to pay for repairs.

I was making the inevitable comment, 's all :laughing:

I had the same problem when I lived Yung-Ho. I called the tow company and told them that there were always cars illegally parked in front of my house. Sure enough, no more illegally parked cars anymore. Not sure where live, but try looking for a tow company around your place and let them know where they can get an easy tow.

Just gave a 40 year old-ish lady a good taste of how many Chinese swear words I can say. :raspberry: :laughing:

That’s what I was thinking, too. But last time my wife called, they said something along the lines of “if the car isn’t parked illegally, then they can’t touch it”.
Maybe we should call a different tow company.

<-- In Longtan, Taoyuan County.

If it is blocking your car then it must not be parking in a proper place, thus it must be parked illegally.

Some people in my neighborhood had trouble like that. They bought some yellow paint and painted a little no parking area in front of their house. Don’t know if it’s legal. But it might help. Once we had a car block our underground parkade…blocking in roughly 30 garages. Someone ran a screwdriver along the whole left side of their car. Wasn’t me. But they haven’t parked there again.

If someone blocks your drive or your car with their vehicle you can move it /push it out of the way by whatever means necessary. This is what gives private tow companies the power/right to move cars legally.

Threaten to do it and explain the law to them. Perhaps they will think twice before they park there the next time.

Longtan is parkingwise the worst place I have been to in Taoyuan county, perhaps except from Taoyuan city.

I wend down there yesterday looking for a dentist, and it was next to impossible to find a place, where you felt you could safely leave your car.

What I would do if I were you would be to get some red paint, and then paint the pavement. Also invest in some flower pots (heavy ones), and place them in front, thus rendering the parking space unusable.

Another ption would be to call all towing companies in Taoyuan county and offer them NT$1000 under the table for each car they tow.

My preferred option would be to move 3 miles up to the Sunny Forest Hill, where Ironman, Surf, MJB, and Mr. He frolick in lots of legal parking.

I have the same problem here in Ta1chung. We tried calling the tow truck, but last year they were told by the city government to stop towing between 22:00 and 08:00. So, at 22:01 people just parking where they feel like with no danger of a ticket or a tow, and that may include the ramp to our parking garage. :unamused:

If the car is parked on private property then it might not be illegal in a legal sense, and tow companies may not touch it.

Where does this come from? I doubt it’s true, in particular if the means cause damage to the other car.

If the car is parked on private property then it might not be illegal in a legal sense, and tow companies may not touch it.

Where does this come from? I doubt it’s true, in particular if the means cause damage to the other car.[/quote]

Perhaps putting up a now parking sign and perhaps another sign that cars will be towed without notice 24hours a day may help.

I can’t recommend trashing other peoples vehicles in front of your own place. Buy a wheel clamp and have people pay you to get it removed for NT$1500.

[quote=“Satellite TV”]
Perhaps putting up a now parking sign[/quote]

Somehow I don’t think this is going to help… :wink:

Photograph the offending vehicle and go to the cop shop. See what they have to say. The easiest solution would be to buy one of those no parking signs (the metal stand alone types).

Trashing the offending vehicle isn’t worth the ensuing hassle…But you already know this, don’t you?

Sorry you’ve had to deal with this twice…Frustrating.

It’s true. The indirect translation of the law in question is that “you may, if a vehicle is blocking access to yours or anyone elses property, remove that vehicle in sofaras it no longer represents a hinderance…”

It also goes on to say about moving cars parked in a dangerous position.

But since nobody in Taiwan knows anything about traffic law this is a nice little gem to pull on people.

Unfortunately, this is Taiwan. If you did actually do it the police probably wouldn’t know the law anyway and you would get into short-term trouble.