Cars in Taiwan Pictures

Post pictures of cars in Taiwan.

This beautiful piece of art is wasting away in the Pull & Bear shop Xinyi.

This I find pretty cool. All in Spanish lettering too.

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Not very elegant parking in Taiwan.

Can you imagine the carnage in Taiwan !


I would like that for ambulances first of all. Then police/fire trucks. Then maybe civilians.


190 is Spanish? Jeez, I can speak Spanish!



Though the accent is not in the right place…

There was a retro cars festival in hsinchu a couple of weekends ago


I wonder who supplied that white car ?:grinning:

The 2002? Is it yours?

No. Caterham could be … not sure

Don’t be so coy. A proper picture would be nice.

Edit: just saw the one in the daily photos thread

Any pics of the Ferrari?

That looks like a 348. not many older ones in Taiwan. Have this 328, the model before…but I think it is going to have more value in Europe now.

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Oh man I used to lust after the Dino 308gt4, my favorite ferrari and the cheapest one. Seems collector car market has heated up, with relatively fast appreciation as an investment.

Hmm maybe someday this will be collectible:

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Must be valuable if covering the wheels so dogs won’t pee on them.

I always wonder if dogs just pee on the wood instead.

I have never been in a Ferrari :frowning:

It is my favorite too.

I have 11 Ferarris!