Cartoon Lovers Click Here. You will not be disappointed

OK, try adding /eps/ to the end of the URL.

So it’s

Stray Dog…

I want to build a statue of your likeness and pray to it daily… thank your sir!!! :bravo: :bravo: :notworthy:

Well well well. That does make all the difference in the world :smiley: I’d better start watching now. I dunno how long they’ll last :frowning:

I had to pull a few strings for that, so give me the beers, not that miltownkid bloke. :wink:

Hands up who feels really naughty now. :thumbsup:

Tip: The home page no longer lets you view cartoons on cartoon fridge, but the files are still on their server… :bulb:

Edit: Ok, so I’m a few hours late posting this tip…

Did you notice the change in the title? Anyway here’s another place (strange, found it on accident, wasn’t even looking for a replacement).

I have watched the first season of MAS*H from craftyTV.

How in the hell can you access the website? Everytime I try it, even with the /eps/, I get redirected to some web portal thingie saying that the name is up for sale. Are they absolutely gone? Is there a way to still access The Family Guy?

It’s dead.