Case mod supplies

Where can I find a shop that caters to case mods? The shops I have seen doesnt carry a good line of items that are good for case mods. Specifically I am looking for some liquid neon lights, green and red. All I found was blue and 3 color. Does anyone in Taiwan mod their computer case?

Try NOVA (there’s a place in the basement which has quite a few supplies). But you’re right, there doesn’t seem to be much of a range here.

I know of those shops… except they dont have what I want. I guess case modding isnt in much demand… :loco:

There’s a store in guanghua. I went there with a co-worker a few weeks ago; he wanted some quieter fans. They had lots of mods. Liquid cooling and even a Zalman fanless case. It was in an alley one lane from the Apple store.

Where is the Apple store near Gonghua?

Ok found the address from my friend.


rahimiiii, have you been round Gonghua? I was there at the weekend and there seemed to be several shops that would cater to your needs.

The NOVA near Taipai Main Station, the basement shops, one in a corner, I think the NE corner, was almost all cooler fans, and a few mods.

But in general the main computer market has better selection and lower prices.