Cash Advances

I need to get a cash advance on my Mastercard. Does anyone know at which bank I can do this?

You should be able to transfer funds to a bank account online and then just withdraw the money at a bank machine. That’s if you are set up for online banking. Other than that, I’m not sure. Maybe someone else knows better.


Thanks, Bob, but I’m not set up for that. I’m not set up for using the card at an ATM either, or I would just do that.

When ever I needed this service (before I had a PIN on my CC) I’d just head into pretty much any bank to do it. They might have a fee.

But this is Taiwan, so it might take a few attempts to get a bank to play ball.

Incidentally, I found out the hard way that is is easy to withdraw cash from a credit card outside the country of issue, but try and put fund onto it in cash at a bank outside the country of issue? No way, I thought it’s be a reversal of the withdrawal with the forex etc taking care of everything. nope.

I actually got cash advantages on a Danish-issued mastercard at ICBC in 1996 - I forgot the PIN code, so I could not use that.

It went fairly painless.

Other banks should have this service also.

Thanks Mr. He, but ICBC was a no go. They refused to give me a cash advance, saying they only provide such services for their mastercard.