Cash parking- domains

Has anyone been successful with parked domains? Who are you parked with? I own 25 domain names that I want to make money off while I try to sell them. I’m fairly new to the game so any insight would be appreciated.

By successful do you mean making money? If you just mean “parking successfully”, I use, it’s a pretty popular domain site so could be worth looking into.

I am referring to making money Asiababy, that’s the whole point. I do use godaddy for many services, however I don’t want to use them to park because it costs money. Do your parked names generate any income? How many do you have?

Then I have no idea and will leave it to the experts.
I just parked my domains to link them to our site, until I set them up as independent sites in themselves.

Embarrassingly, I too have a domain name. It is “
This is one of those crazy idea that just seemed like a curse.
Anyway, Guo=郭 Which is the last name of the Foxconn CEO, Terry Guo. He is now the Howard Hughes of Taiwan. It is in his plan to make 100 movies in the next few years (or decades). Not to mention the 200 million dollar movie studio that he is building in 山西 Province.
The strangest thing is that apparently there are three versions of 郭 in English
Guo, Gou, and Kuo. “Guollywood”= “郭萊塢”

It is too early to decide on the selling price, at this moment it is only for rent.

I used or something… and my two domains haven’t made even a quarter! Maybe the names suck: and some others which are not parked.

My mom’s side of the family uses “Kuo”, but they’re from Calcutta, India.

Check out this thread.
Anyone else remember this?
Loretta once had
I thought that one was a keeper!