Cashing a US$ Bank check. How much is lost

I just received $200 USD in a bank check because I had to close my formally free checking account. It’s over for small potatoes in America.

Anyway, I can send it to my other US bank savings account or I could cash it.
What is the fee?
Can I sign it over to someone ( a relative)?
What but be better to keep it as US dollar. I don’t but I believe a relative has the ability to deposit USD.

Just send it to your other bank. They should have a mail deposit option. No muss no fuss, keep all your money. The website can help with this.

Some banks let you take a picture of the check for deposit. After it clears, tear it up.

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I don’t think your primary concern is the fee. Rather, most banks won’t want to touch your check (at least, thats my understanding).

Send your check back to the States (either via mail or by taking a picture with the app from your bank) and transfer the money.

Bring your ARC, US passport, and all your patience. Be ready to tell them in Chinese exactly what you want to do with the check.

It takes about a half hour to an hour to fill out all the paperwork and costs anywhere between 400NT to 600NT.

Once done, it takes about 3 weeks for the check to clear.

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