Cashing in a receipt lottery receipt?

I found a receipt that one $200.
So last time I had a winning receipt I went to the posties showed them my passport and Bob was my uncle.
This time I went and the bloke and he said "what’s the john dory? and I told him I had a winning receipt and wanted my bugs bunny. He said “nah mate you have to go to a convenience store or some bank”.
So I went to the local seven and gave him my receipt. He asked me if I had an ID card so I gave him my ARC. He had a good captain cook at it and said “I don’t think this is any good mate” and he scanned it a few times with his scanner and was like “sorry mate I can’t help ya, you need an ID card”.
Did they change the rules or something?

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Yes, rules changed. Try a different convenience store. ARC should be ok.

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Sounds like you went to the one convenience store in Taiwan staffed with an Aussie.


When did the rules change? They changed from being able to cash out at any convenience store to needing to go to a post office (with foreign ID) about two years back.

Used my ARC in Family Mart just the other day.

Used my ARC in 7-Eleven a couple months ago

I guess the cashier was just a few sangas short of a picnic

I never knew Taiwanese 7/11 clerks were so well-versed in Aussie slang.

If I remember correctly it’s the bar code on the bottom of the ARC that needs to be scanned, not the more obvious one on the top.

I recommend the electronic reciepts… They scan your barcode from your phone and the prize gets directly deposited into your bank

I just tried cashing out:

Family Mart - neither top nor bottom bar code worked

7-11 - bottom bar code works.

My pal got refused at 711, they told her foreigners cannot cash receipt lottery receipts at convenience stores anymore. Only Taiwanese. Is this true?

Blatant lie. They just don’t know how to do it and are lazy to call their boss.

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As others have mentioned, absolutely not true. Here’s my experience back in June. It’s easier for the workers to say “We can’t do it” than “Let me check if can can do it.”

“Can’t do it”: Taiwan Receipt Lottery
(Later that day) “Oh, we can do it”: Taiwan Receipt Lottery

Can they not just scan their own ID? This is lacist.



Or not. :sunglasses:

Exactly. Most likely.