Cashing out LPA (pension) contributions?

After 6 years here in total, I’ve accumulated a lot in pension contributions over the years by my calculations, and I’d rather have it invested in something with good returns instead of sitting in account I’ll probably never get access to. But I want to confirm some things about LPA account first.

My questions are:

How can I check my LPA balance?

Does LPA generate interest?

Is it possible to withdraw this amount?

If I die can my wife/child claim the amount?


Great thread, I’ve been wondering this myself - at this point in time I’d rather have my money invested in some real assets. Hopefully someone here knows how it works.

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This is where a FA would be useful to help you work out if it’s worth it and get the pension provider to give you a surrender valuation.

I’ve done this for a few clients. It takes months to get a surrender valuation sometimes. They will really drag their feet with this.

Maybe some of the answers are in here:

I have a debit card for Taiwan First Bank (?). Some navigation of menus after entering your password then you see your balance. It’s been over a year since I’ve checked so I can’t tell you more than this. I will check again soon and provide an update.

How can I check my LPA balance?

you can link your atm card to get the information, haven’t done it myself but know it is possible.

Does LPA generate interest?

yes, roughly equal to 2 year deposit at the bank.not very high.

Is it possible to withdraw this amount?

iiuc only when you reach retirement age.

If I die can my wife/child claim the amount



That was also my understanding. Anyone know what minimum retirement age is in Taiwan? Google says 65, but in most countries there’s a certain amount of flexibility if you’re prepared to accept a drop in the amount payable.

Also: is it legally possible to remain employed while “retired”?

Many people return to employment after retiring for obvious reasons, boredom or lack of $$$. But there is an issue with labor insurance after doing that. I’m not quite aware of what happens.

Anyone know if there is a website I can log into where I can just read my LPA balance?

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I read this online, but I don’t have a digital certificate anymore :frowning:

(2) Using citizen digital certificate through the Bureau of Labor Insurance’s website. The worker must first apply for and obtain a Citizen Digital Certificate in person at his or her local household registration office. Then use the Citizen Digital Certificate to login to the Bureau of Labor Insurance online service website (e 化服務系統 : 個人網路申報及查詢作業); click on “Query” / "Labor Pension Personal Account Benefit Calculation” to check the balance for the personal account (principal plus gains) as of the date of inquiry.

There is also this method, but I don’t think it will work.

(5) Making inquiries by means of the smart phones and the tablets APP: Entering the BLI Mobile APP by means of your smart phone or tablet, you may have access to the data in your personal labor pension account. But, first of all, you need to have your mobile device authenticated by taking the following steps:
a. Download the BLI Mobile APP onto your smart phone or tablet, enable the Device Authenticating function of the Mobile APP, and complete authentication of the mobile device by scanning the QR-code or Keying in the Device Authentication Code.
b. Log in, on a PC, the Mobile Service Account Operation under the BLI e-service system and then, by means of the Citizen Digital Certificate, create an account, enable the account, have a device authentication code generated, and finally obtain the QR-code and the device authentication code.

Wow glad I found this thread. I never realized I was getting pension paid. It does not look like much, but anything is better than nothing.

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And maybe you aren’t. Even though a few years ago they made it more flexible or inclusive, not everyone is eligible to the LPA.

No I just checked my payslip. There are pension contributions on there. At first I did not see it, as they do not list it where they list all the other numbers. It is somewhere at the top. Plus, I have been on JFRV or APRC all my time in Taiwan.

Then you are eligible, but make sure the contributions are to the pension.

Yeah, I will probably visit the Household Registration Office one day and get a Citizen Digital Certificate. Then I will try that to log on and see my balance.

Why is it so complicated?

Go here and apply for this. Go home and do this.

The answer to this should be simple right? Though I don’t know the answer, it can either be a yes or no. Surprised no one knows about it. Would be helpful to many foreigners here who leave.