Cashout/Sell/Transfer Crypto(USDT) in Taiwan

4-5% on current exchange price, at any point of time. But if there is no Tax liability, I would rather cashout in my back account every few months.

I’ll be more than happy if I can get hold of AUD instead of NTD. hahaha long shot :smiley:

I’m curious what they told you. What you read on the web is all pretty vague…


I always underestimate Taiwan. On their main website, there is a big banner with Bilingual helpline 0800-000-321. But it is only in mandarin :sweat_smile:

I plan to visit them once the COVID alert level drops down to Level-2. I explored and Wirex in last few days, they are all shitty as hell.

I guess P2P transactions would be the last resort, although I don’t have high hopes from that either.

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I think the best solution so far is to use P2P, Binance has some legit users.
I already made 3 transaction, 1 in cash and 2 directly in my bank account. Next week I am gonna try LinePay.
And I got better price then any of the exchange/platform.

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Hey, how did LinePay work out for you? What percentage of fees do they take?