Casino in Peng-Hu?

Hello !

Meanwhile the ecological and cultural environment of the archipelago is quickly disappearing, the local (and national) government plans to transform Peng-Hu into a casino resort, and promotes mass-tourism.

What do you think about this project ?

Would you visit Peng-Hu in order to play casino games, or would you visit Peng-Hu for other reasons ?

If you are not aware of it, read this recent article “Island off Taiwan bets on casino boom”

And here are links towards the people who are against the project :


Here is one more link to add to your collection although they are all in Chinese.

It is worth noting that this idea was promoted by Frank Hsieh when he was Premier in 2005. He later backed down and had a “no casino” policy when he contested the 2008 election. See this interesting article from 2005 expressing opposition to casinos: Beware of the ‘Republic of Casino’.

I joined the rally in Taipei on 15 March to oppose the casino. I like the creative manipulation of the ROC flag.

I’d like to see some in Dansui.

(I mean legal ones.)

I wouldn’t bet on it.

I think they better put them in the Diayutai…

haven’t heard a thing since the PRC said it wouldn’t allow its citizens to gamble abroad.

Since when the Pescadores is abroad?

Ehem… within their borders, then. Anyway, Daddy said no and it means no. There goes the golden eggs goose, the low lying ripe fruit. Unless the Pescadores officials can convince other mass nationality tourists to visit the islands through a well developed, atractive plan, that assures maximum use of the rich human and ecological resources in the islands…

Underwater blackjack tables?
Texas Hold’em with a bikini ladies on the beach?