Casting of Pods

So I finally buckled and decided to check out this apparent Next Big Thing on the Web, podcasting. Unfortunately most of the ones I’ve found have been pathetic, amateurish recordings of boring people or people who should never do radio ranting about crap in a half-arsed, uninteresting, and/or utterly uninformed maner. I’ve found a couple of good ones though, and those good ones are making me wonder what other well-crafted, interesting podcasts are out there. So is anyone else rocking the podcasting goodness and got any recommendations? Here’s my short list for the time being:

The Podcast Network’s Movie Show
The Podcast Network’s Jazz Show (coincidentally done by the guy who DJs a jazz show on the radio back in NZ from which I got my first real exposure to jazz)
It’s a Jazz Thing, the podcast version of the aforementioned radio show.

Sounds too close to Forumosa to be worth the bother.

True that, but just like Forumosa there’s the occasional spot of brilliance. has a Modern Rock Minute podcast, if you’re into rock/alt.