Castro gets whiney about baseball and calls Edmonton a dump?

Take it easy Castro, it’s just baseball!

Castro slams Edmonton, labels it ‘dumping ground’

Updated Fri. Aug. 1 2008 11:14 PM ET

Amanda Ferguson,

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro slammed Edmonton Thursday in an Internet column addressing the two baseball players who defected during a junior tournament in the city.

Castro, in a column in Cuba’s daily Internet newspaper Granma, said the actions by pitcher Noel Argueilles and shortstop Jose Antonio Iglesias should be classified as a “dispicable betrayal”.

“Edmonton has become a dumping ground,” an English translation of Castro’s comments reads. “The Cuban athletes were badly taken care of. That city has the privilege of hosting that championship every year. We should analyze whether it is worth attending that tournament.”

He goes on to accuse Canada of stealing players and puts his foot in his mouth a bunch of times. I thought Castro liked Canada.
Well, at least he didn’t insult hockey…

Ol’ Fidel is still bitter over his MLB rejection.
He had a good breaking pitch but not so much speed on the ball. If he had, he’d be living in Miami, have a famous Cuban restaurant and be a local celebrity. Heck, he might have even settled in Pittsburgh, but I think Miami would have been more likely. Fidel the Pirate!
Fate can be so cruel.

(Roberto González Echevarría has this one wrong)

Edmonton has proven over and over again that it has no regard for baseball, good rum, OR fine tobacco products, despite historical frequency of the former and fully legal availability of the latter.
If I were el Fid, I’d slap sanctions on their ass so fast it’d make their heads spin…

“No soup for you! Next!”

Edmonton is a bit of a dump, but compared to Havana under Castro? Paradise.

Castro is jealous because he falls down a lot.