Cat ear infection

My cat has an ear infection. I’ve taken him to 2 vets. One says ear mites. The other says fungus. One gave me an orange liquid from Denmark. It didn’t work.
The other gave me Auriklan and then Otomax for dogs. Otomax worked while I gave it to my cat but the heavy dark reddish brown stuff in his ears came back even worse when the medicine was finished.
Any ideas?

Where are you located? Try one of the vets on our (sticky) vets thread.

I’m an advocate of feeding natural food to cats (mostyly raw meaty bones). According to the books I’ve read, ear infections tend not to affect dogs and cats fed a natural diet.

Our oldest ‘puppy’ had recurring ear infections until we switched to a natural diet.

If you’re interested, here’s a good place to start reading up about it. It’s a fairly balanced article. If you need more info, let me know.

My cat just had an ear infection. The thick brown stuff in Meimei’s ears were sticking to the skin and wouldn’t come off even when I used the Ear Cleaner. Her left eye became infected because of it, too. The vet originally thought it was because of the mite however he couldn’t find any. He then said to clean her ears with Ear Cleaner and then apply the Dexorul ear drops twice a day.

Meimei cried and cried but she’s better now.

I used to clean Meimei’s ears once a week but now I pretty much clean her ears every 2 or 3 days. Apparently some cats need more attention in this repect.