Cat joke

“Politics is weird, eh?”

“Ha ha, that’s funny. My friend here wasn’t impressed though”

Thanks for the pictures, guys. My heart just melted.

Happy Birthday, Stray Dog!!! :uk: :beer: :candycane: :scooby: :snoopy: :flowers: :heart: :happybiker: :serenade: :uhhuh: :lovestruck: :bouncy: :sunglasses: :bravo: :angel: :howyoudoin: :smiley: :hubba: :notworthy:

Probably only funny for (professional) translators:
CAT user’s Manual

This I got from Wolf once, I believe:

Always great for cat pictures:
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Well, my cats are rivetted.

What do you call a doberman hit by a semi truck?

Good boy.


“This is some funny stuff…You’ve got my full attention!”

You really LISTEN to this shit?

again. :bravo: