Cat location dilemma

My lovely kitties -4 of them- are pushing 15 years old. At this stage, you’d think nothing they could do would surprise me. Surprise, surprise, I am still stomped by their antics. Friggin furry lunatics I live with…

My cats have their own room, the “guest” room, facing an ample back balcony where they have their litter boxes and water bowls and food and cat trees and a clear view of the neighborhood’s comings and goings. I had a guest recently, and slept there to spare my guest the, ehem, aromas and feline reenactments of the Indy 500 at 2am. Cats were ecstatic, no bad reactions. I went back to my room when the guest left.

Well, a week or so later kitties took residence in the front balcony… and won’t leave. Problem is that one is partially closed, which makes feeding/cleaning a hassle. But they won’t move out, not to eat, poop or drink water. They are also way too close for comfort to Bobby, and close calls are aplenty, yet they hold on to Gallipolli … A stinky battlefield that is attracting flies.

Aside from me moving out of their room, there have been no other changes in the normal running of the house, except a new neighbor moved into the third floor two houses down, and has one of those annoying barking machines. It is the only nuisance I can tell in the vicinity.

Don’t know what to do and can’t find any literature on “cats that won’t listen to reason”.

I have no clue how to keep cats out of an area. From all the materials online, it seems like the only way to do it is make that area inaccessible to them. With luck, after failing to gain accept to that area for a while, your cats would simply give up trying and consider that area outside of their territory.

another way to do it would be using the expensive motion detection spray cans like stay away.

For a while I tried to keep my cat from getting under my bed. It’s too low for me to easily retrieve her, and I have to lift the entire bed just to get at her. I discovered that’s not a good alternative to doing deadlifts, so I tried to block it with all sorts of stuff. I eventually gave up because nothing in the verse is going to stop her from getting under my bed. The more I try the more she likes to hang out there. since I stopped trying, she is almost never under my bed, and only uses it as some sort of short cut when she’s playing.

Our cat is 7 and a highly aggressive, territorial male.

Deirdre Barlow, the one-eyed homeless baby girl showed up in the yard one day and never left. She figured out how to open the top drawer of my dresser and started to sleep amongst the socks. She would howl if I taped it shut. The older cat never once slept there. It’s too small for him and not that interesting. Until he realised the new cat slept there and suddenly it became the hottest nap spot in town, apart from the dog’s bed and the rug where the dog naps.

Conclusions? Cats are just dicks. And my socks are always covered in cat hair.

Erm, at least you have socks. Mine? They love to chew on the new ones, or just washed ones. If they stink, they won’t get close to them. Don’t get me started on my underwear. Anything they can haul, they will take.

Hansioux, hell would be paid if I try anything as drastic as “motion detector spray can”. They would retaliate fiercely and that would be dangerous to my curtains, sofa, bed, beddings, clothes in general and my health in particular.

I just want to know why… WHY??? They are uncomfortable, it is noisier and dirtier, yet they won’t leave. They already pushed all my stuff from the front table, peed on my purse twice -I have the table there to put knickknacks and my purse and jewelry in order as soon as I get home, not anymore- and seriously, this can’t go on! I dread going home to whatever horror they have concocted for me…

So, the typhoon flooded the front balcony, ruining the cats’ new bed and their food all soggy sprouting maggots… hence, on their own accord, 2 cats went back to the back balcony, one took residence over the bookshelf -after dumping top shelf contents, and one stayed behind to guard the forward position from the shoe rack.

There was a fierce cat dog confrontation in the height of the typhoon that resulted in one cat with a leg injury -can’t be established if Bobby bit her or scratched herself against something on the mad scramble- and Bobby with a pulled neck muscle that required two shots. Has anyone ever heard of a dog pulling a muscle?

Anyways, I thought things would be back to normal but no, last night and this morning there was a reenactment of the Battle of the Bulge, where the cats sneaked in and penetrated the defenses, reinforcing their position at the front balcony… Hope they will be still alive and semi well when I go home from work.

Jackson Galaxy doesn’t seem to buy into the concept of cat retaliation through peeing taking a dump. He believes unless sick, cats doing their business outside of their box has something to do with either territorial insecurities, separation anxiety, or psychological trauma related to going to the litter box.

His usual approach involves setting up a way for cats to move around the main area without even touching the floor, and engage them with enough play to tire the cats and the dog down.

Is there any way for your cats to move about the place without having to run into Bobby?


  1. sending Bobby to day care
  2. remodeling the balconies so they are joined

I need to hit the lottery…

I also doubt Galaxy has seen my cats throwing stuff at Bobby or jumping parachute trooper style over Toto.

Cat tunnels!

is there anyway for them to move elevated indoors from one balcony to another?

is there anyway for them to move elevated indoors from one balcony to another?[/quote]

Yes. About 20K.

I made a pass way with packing boxes and the sofa -RIP 15K- and there is a baby gate at the entrance. But Bobby keeps up with them all the way, escorting them with furious barks. If he jumps, he’ll get to them.

Funny thing is that Bobby gets along fabulously with the vet’s cats. he plays with them peacefully. Outside cats he looks on curiously. But fellow residents… it’s Death Match.

Are Bobby’s chases predatory? Or does he simply want to engage the cats for play? … g-with-cat

[quote] Redirect negative behaviors that your dog directs at your cat. This includes rough play and barking.[9] Give your pup another activity or do some obedience training with it instead of letting it focus on the cat.

Try to avoid scolding your dog in this circumstance. Keep the situation positive and your dog is more likely to have positive associations with the cat in the future.[10]

Reward and praise your dog for good behavior around the cat. This can include friendly behavior or simply ignoring the cat. Make it so that when the cat comes into the room it’s enjoyable for your dog to treat the cat well, not to be aggressive or to attentive to it.

Say, "Oh, look, Puppy, Kitty's here! Yay!" and sound very happy. Then give the dog a small training treat. Your dog will soon learn to associate pleasant feelings with the cat.


good suggestions too, especially about the “Leave it” command.

Aggressive with the intent to kill… and it is mutual.