Cat of the Day 2023

News from Russia in a China leaning paper?

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Lol: this person loves their (identical) cats so much there are individual paintings of them on the wall.


Why do you say his “identical cats”?

Well, maybe i should rephrase that to “identically sitting” cats. They are indeed very much not identical-looking…

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Ah, ok.
I wonder how risky is to walk to the other room haha.

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Maybe it is just high fives all the way?!

My cat knows how to open doors. No idea how but it’s now impossible to contain the cat once he figures out to open doors.

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Take away his keys

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The door has no keys. Only way to keep the cat out of my room is to lock it. Then he starts digging his way through the door. I also can’t lock the door when I’m out, the door is designed to prevent lock outs. Once the cat is inside he starts to make a mess, chew on cables, knock water cups over, and all that.

Five nail paws all over your xD

Take away his shovel?

Maybe you should look for a machinist who can make a simple latch for you!

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I usually high five cats with my palm, and they usually know it is play

No need for metal. Child safety locks are plastic/about 100 NTD.

I use these.

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Cats are smarter than you give them credit for. I had a cat door with latches and the cat knows how to undo them somehow.