Cat of the day

Cat follows man home, invites herself in. Now she is part of the family.

I had two do that, come in and eat and leave, until I told them to make up their minds. They stayed in ever since.

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Here kitty kitty…

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Bloody hell.

I bet yyy has one of those.

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I had a cat like that one. She was very vocal but wouldn’t hurt a flea. She just wanted you to know that she was not happy with the situation.

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Not sure if I should post it here or in the “Bird of the day” thread… :joy::joy:


Cat pretend to be a bird to attract other birds so he can eat them


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What, I would have a pet like that because it’s a giant brain with legs? I suppose that’s both a compliment and an insult… a complisult? :thinking:

And human torture, too. :see_no_evil:

Like the “Canadian psycho” who fit precisely into that pattern…

Trudeau was cruel to animals ? :smirk:

Not that we know of.

Please don’t make me post this again btw. :face_vomiting:

Well, sick cat has gotten to the stage where 2 vets have suggested we may be looking at euthanasia soon. I hate that. He’s been a good boy and he is gorgeous, but old age gets to all of us. And yes, one must spare him the pain. So one more vet and we’ll see.

@Icon I’m sorry :pensive:

Well, he would be the 4th one to go. That is just what happens with elderly pets. I thought the other one, who has been sicker, would be ahead. All are 18-19 year olds. It has been a good life.

And if all goes well, this round will go again in 20 years as the new generation of felines under my care are also of the same age…

I had a cat go before.

It was 14, and the cat stopped eating one day, like completely stopped eating, wouldn’t even eat wet foods. And the cat would hide too. The cat had HUGE tumors on its belly, no idea what. She gave up the ghost during a typhoon right when the power went out.



Notice how the cactus is giving us the finger, and the cat probably knows. :cactus: :cat:

And you guys were asking how the heck did my cats eat all my cacti…