Cat of the day

This little fellow looked so woebegone:

That when I saw this…

I just had to post them both.

:ohreally: :no-no: :laughing: I foresee a painful accident… been there…

Yea, those eggs in that basket are going to fall out and hit that kitty in the face!!

Leave it to men to find a way to sexualize a cute cat thread. :noway:

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No, no, no… it’s eggs, eggs. :smiley:

Eggs that look like melons, no? I should try that at Easter.

The dog-cat is hilarious. We used to have a cat that would play fetch. It had a pretty short attention span though; it would do it two or three times and then get bored.

LOL - they always do that face at shower time. It’s like, “Why? Why would you do such an awful thing as wash me?”

You gotsta love cats. They rock.

Great advert!

Cat lookalikes (Ron Perlman)

Also, check this out:

Proof, if any were needed, that you can find pretty much anything on the internets.

My life most mornings, even -or rather especially- weekends:

Translation: Ok, kitty, I am awake.

Wow. THAT is some serious water yoga.