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Today’s game of ‘spot the asshole’.


Some dude has a Doraemon piggy bank, which he usually places upside down for placing his change.

Then this happened.


Poor kitty.

This one took another route towards fame.


Have a nice weekend.


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My cat got an ultra-sound as well, to see if her high BUN and CREA numbers are caused by anything. My cat did not enjoy the experience.


Only my Toto ever got an ultrasound, but he was an angel. One cat, Icon, got X-rays. In the plaque, you can see her bones and my hands.

Now that we are talking about cats and hospital procedures, my dear Icon slipped off the bookshelf over my head, getting trapped between me, the bookshelf, … and a barking Bobby on the other side. The result was that she used me face as climbing wall. This resulted in lots of blood spilled and me looking as if I am sporting an Atayal facial tattoo, with lines and dots. Cannot swear it as he was wearing a face mask, but the dermatologist could have been snickering…


ouch… good thing there is no permanent damage.


One way or another, they will get you. One of my fat kitties started losing weight dramatically, so I took him to the vet -this is an oversimplified statement, given that such task requires hunting down above mentioned feline for hours and finally, using a net to get him in the pet carrier. Seems he’s got a tumor and and infection. So he is residing at the hospital at the moment. How do I know he is doing better, though? Well, since he started receiving medication, there is bloody murder in his eyes. The vet is also using the net to catch him to give him his shots. She cut his nails, wrapped each paw in bandages -for protection- and put a collar on him. All efforts have proven uselss. He can still maim at will.

I dread the day he comes home. If I have to give him meds, I’ll be wearing long sleeves all summer… if I still get to keep my arms.

So for James Herriot’s sake, do teach kitties to go peacefully into the vet’s office.



Best wishes to the vet as my cat is staying over there a couple of days. You know, the one that when he bites, he doesn’t just bite and release. No sir, he gnaws and tears.




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A couple of weeks ago, my son woke up to just that gift! A very young snake had slithered in under our door and our cat, Mr. Cuddles, killed it and left it on the bed next to my son.

I woke up to " MOM!!! " Talk about rise and shine! Finally, my teenager got out of bed with no problem that morning!

Mr. Cuddles is actually the first cat we’ve had that I don’t really like much. We adopted him from a hoarder who had a house FULL of them. He loves to cuddle, but he doesn’t love to groom. He’s a long haired cat and sheds and doesn’t clean himself–even after potty time. So I don’t like that and having to constantly remind my son to groom his cat.

But since Mr. Cuddles killed the snake, I guess he get’s to stay.


I don’t ask my cats to kill snakes for me. But can they please, please keep the roaches away? I hate to be woken up by a flying roach landing on my legs…

In other news, I just read that Tsai Ing-wen wants to adopt 3 retired guide dogs. My advice: don’t. On behalf of the First Cats: