Cat of the day



woah, look at that hairdo


This is the time of the year many people cut the hair of their longhaired cats… and get results worse than that, aside from a few scratches, and seriously, no few runaways.


That kind of Monday…


Firts day of the month. Separating the salary bits…



Honoring Muhammad Ali:


Monday… 2 cups of java, one cup of green tea… still in a brain fuzz…


Happy extra ONE day off people.


A smile for a hard week and a heavy heart. Hug your kitties.


[quote=“Icon”]Honoring Muhammad Ali:


Thats hilarious ! :slight_smile:


my cat loving her drugs…


Oh, boy, I feel for her. Those look like the pills I am taking, and it ain’t easy to get them down. At least Milktea is tame, mine require sedation and/or intravenous line to get their medication. And even closer to the Pearly Gates than to this world, they manage to maim a veterinarian or two. sigh

My own sick cat is home but in the isolation chamber. He’s in high spirits, though. I put my just laundered summer hats to dry over his cage, so he pulled them through the bars and buried them in his kitty litter…


Yeah, lucked out with her being really tame. Now she associates the pills with bonito flakes, which I use to wrap around the pills before giving them to her. When I get her medicine she runs towards me and tells me to hurry up. The pill still is hard for her to swallow and sometimes I have to just open her mouth and push the pill in with my finger, but that’s where the tame part comes in handy.

Last time on the way to the vet she did urinate on me though… I was waiting for her to pee so I can take it in for a urine test, but she refused to do it at home. So on the long car ride she figured she’d just do it on me. It’s a good thing, because me and my clothes are much easier to clean than say my car seats. I could see the shame on her face when she finally decided there’s no other way around the problem… and she kept trying to make it up to my by resting her head on my hand.


Pooor babies. Hope they get well soon !!

Whopper (the bear) is not as funny as some of the cats here but thought I’d share this vid made the day before. He had a walk in the morning and soon as I got home insisted on another. I was tired, and hungry and I wanted to go home…but he didn’t even after a 40 min walk. So here I am trying (rather unsuccessfully) to get him to go home. He finally did after he was DONE with my nagging :slight_smile:


wow, Bear makes the coolest noises. Some of it sound like old computer game sound effects :stuck_out_tongue:

Walking Milktea on a good day


She’s cute and obedient on a lease your cat


Oh, Monday…


So my pal runs her own cat rescue - 17 I think was the count so far in her home- and on a hot day, her house looks like the site of a massacre…

…or a fluffy obstacle path.



Inspired by Andrew0409 … Cat Porn!

Warning: might be ofensive to certain sensibilities, hence the spoiler

50 a time!