Cat of the day


it looks like the guy missed his mark…


Afterwards cuddle?


Maybe it’s only 25/次 like that. :smiley:






Hah poor cat . Probably doesnt like rock climbing all that much. He couldn’t get someone to cat sit i guess.

Here’s a cool pic of the MGM Lion doing his thing.

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lesson, trim your cat’s nails…






KattenKabinet – This museum is nothing but cat art


Yukata cat

Kimono kitties



Those are some really well made outfits.

I’m usually not in favor of putting clothes on pets, but my doctor suggested to put some clothes on my cat to keep her warm last winter, since it was especially cold for Taiwan and my cat has a kidney condition. I went to buy a few sweatshirt/jacket looking outfits and put them on my cat. She wasn’t particularly pissed at wearing them, but they don’t fit too well. I never kept one on her longer than 30 minutes.

A crappy kimono outfit goes for over 2000 NTD in Taiwan, not gonna pay for that.


I made “clothes” for the kittens I had last year with old socks. So you may try your hand at cutting, no sewing required. They have the advantage of being tight and hence keeping kitty warmer.

The Viking helmet, however, requires a 3D printer, me thinks.


I want learn to make tight fitting lick-proof jersey for my cat in case she ever undergoes a surgery. Those cones don’t stay on her head for over 15 minutes.


I bought something that looks like an inflatable tire. Kinda works better than the cone of shame. If you need it, lemme know.

Mine wear the collar of shame at the vets so they won’t shred the doc’s hands.