Cat of the day


Got two spayed female cats… so a lot of fighting and no procreating at all.

Also, some dogs talk back… my cats also talk back.

Oh, and even if they can’t eat any of my chocolate, that doesn’t stop them from trying, and if they do succeed, med bills is going to be pretty eye popping…


Vaya par de tetas!!


They are watching…


As requested, 3 newborn kittens are here


Cute! I’m guessing the father was black…



Funny thing is that more or less a year ago, my dear tuxedo cat PangPang (Fatty) departed to Kitty Heaven. The first kitten born is also a full tuxedo, I mean, wearing both white socks and mittens and white chest, just like PangPang.


Nothing classier than a tuxedo cat.

Maybe this is a case of divine conception? Vatican experts may need to be consulted.


Reincarnation I would say.

He did have a Christian/Buddist burial. I was planning to visit his grave soon, as his remains are scattered under cherry trees, which must be blooming now.


I’ll probably get flamed for this, but I think I know what happened here.


LOL. That could have happened…but tuxedos are genetic lottery. Can’t be passed on copy paste.


Hey, no pussy grabbing in the Cat of the Day thread!

That’s what all the Trump threads are for. :slight_smile:




Kitten update


motherly love :relieved:



Maybe they had a more altruistic motive. The bells could be to keep him from catching birds.


Abducted by elves. :2cents:




A face full of whipped cream? Thank you, human!


Revenge will be swift and painful …