Cat of the day


The kittens are already trying to get out of the box.


Painful yes, but humans are not the only ones to serve it cold sometimes.


that is too frigging adorable.



Looks like animal cruelty to me. Bet somebody’s got some scratches coming…of the CSD variety.


Some cats are game for funny pictures…provided how much tuna/how many treats are given.


I wish this interview would never end.


Reminds me that my little ones are barely 3 weeks old and striving to get out of the box. Seriously?! These bandits are gonna be a headache, mark my words.


Awesome! Now if they could just get rid of that annoying human…


So, Spring is sort of here. Yesterday, while cleaning, I spotted our first gecko. Wonder how long he is going to last with the new cat being such a good hunter, I wondered.

This morning, I was half sleep and she was munching on something. I got up without glasses and just grabbed whatever it was to take it away from her -no eating weird stuff! Much to my chagrin, it was not a piece of plastic or paper. It had feet. More than 4. When am I going to learn?


Ya no puede caminar?


No, la pobre.


Icon, ya est√°s tardando xD


Jejeje. Ni en Facebook estoy en ning√ļn grupo en espa√Īol de gatos, de hecho, en espa√Īol solamente en el grupo de fans de Takeshi.

Ya me verás allí.


And the kittens are all grown up. Today I gave away the first one. :sob:


Pics! Pics! plz


Yeah. A cat post without pictures is like a day without sunshine.


Empty nest syndrome already? :older_woman:

One less mouth to feed…




Love black cats. Lots of personality. The Force is strong with them.